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About Us

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behind the food

In 2016, while attending culinary school, Angelise founded Handcrafted by Lise, and began selling what are now some of our signature dishes. We introduced custom desserts in the spring of 2017 and have worked hard to maintain our reputation for delicious, skillfully crafted cakes and treats.


We’re excited to announce the next chapter for HBL, the opening of Honey’s, a bakery & café. Honey’s will continue to offer HBL custom desserts and also new food and bakery selections. On the menu are classic, homestyle dishes guaranteed to make you feel good.


The interior design and rebranding process has been a thrilling experience. We are completing the project with the help of an amazing group of people. Preparing to open Honey’s has been a huge learning experience and we have to thank everyone involved in bringing our vision to life. We are excited to join the St. Louis restaurant scene and can’t wait to share our love for good food with you!

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